Donor Feedback Policy and Procedures: Overview

Good 2 Talk adapts a best practice orientation in all aspects of the centres operation and service delivery. In line with best practice in organisational governance, Good 2 Talk uses policies and procedures to inform staff, clients, organisational stakeholders or interested members of the wider community about the activities of the centre. Good 2 Talk is committed, within the scope of the organisation mission and vision, to maintaining and where possible improve the protocols relating to donor contributions. In this context Good 2 Talk had adopted the standards specified as being best practice by ICTR (2015). The ICTR documentation and support material is viewed as being congruent with the mission, vision and values of Good 2 Talk. Additionally, the donor feedback policy and procedures within this document are viewed as being congruent with the general principles of good organisational governance.


In line with the best practice guidelines specified in the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising (, Good 2 Talk uses this set of policies and procedures to systematically enable interested parties to provide feedback, be that positive comments or complaints.


Good 2 Talk is committed to ensuring that all our communications and dealings with the general public and our supporters are of the highest possible standard. Good 2 Talk listen and respond to the views of the general public and our supporters so that the organisation can continue to improve.


Good 2 Talk makes a distinction in the scope of different feedback policies such as feedback from clients on therapies or therapists are not covered (for reasons relating to professional ethics and confidentiality) within the scope or intent of this policy as it specifically refers to donor feedback.


Donor Feedback: The intent of the policy

Good 2 Talk, values all feedback both positive, negative and feedback that may be directional in nature. Good 2 Talk is uses reflective practices to learn about ourselves as individuals and also about how the organisation is functioning relative to the organisations mission, vision and values set.


The intent of this policy is to:

  • Ensure that it is as easy as possible to provide feedback regardless if the feedback is complimentary or if it is a complaint;
  • Good 2 Talk understand a donor complaint as any clear expression of dissatisfaction with our operations relative to a donors concern which calls for a response;
    • A distinction is specifically made in relation to a donors concern as being a different type of concern then that which may be expressed within the confidential context of a therapeutic relationship.
  • Good 2 Talk treat complaints seriously whether it is made by telephone, letter, fax, email or in person;
  • Good 2 Talk deal with formal complaints quickly and politely;
  • Good 2 Talk respond accordingly for example, with an explanation, or an apology where we have got things wrong, and information on any action taken etc;
    • There is a responsibility to highlight that this policy will always be considered in relation to the primacy of the client contract where a donor may also be a client.
  • Good 2 Talk seeks to practice reflection and learn from feedback and complaints, using the information to improve, and monitor them at Board level.

Donor Feedback: The System


What Type of Feedback do You Have?

Feedback can vary from informal to formalised and from positive feedback to negative feedback. Informal feedback can be characterised as comments made as part of a free-flowing everyday conversation. Formalised feedback is where a donor specifically intends to engage in the donor feedback system. Positive feedback is understood as a donor stating something good about Good 2 Talk such as the way the organisation issues receipts for all contributions or about the community benefits that accrue from the activities or client services of Good 2 Talk. A complaint is understood as negative feedback and as a clear expression of dissatisfaction with our operations relative to a donors concern.


Step One: Informal Expression of Feedback or an Inquiry/ Compliant

Where feedback or a compliant arises through the passage of everyday conversation Good 2 Talk seeks to understand the compliant and resolve the issue in the quickest and easiest way possible. Staff and volunteers in Good 2 Talk practice reflective listening skills and will reflect back a concern or a compliant to a donor to ensure that the issue at hand is clearly understood.

 Step One: Time frame for Response

Where possible staff or volunteers in Good 2 Talk will seeks to address the issue with the donor on the spot (if appropriate) or seek to provide the donor with a date by which a response can be expected and/or the name of person that will respond.


Step Two: Making a Formal Inquiry or Compliant

If a donor does not seek to utilise an informal method to raise and seek resolution to an inquiry or compliant or where the donor is not satisfied with an informal response then the donor can utilise Step 2 of the donor feedback policy. If a donor has a complaint or inquiry about any aspect of Good 2 Talks work, then the donor can contact the Chief Executive Officer in writing or by telephone specifying the nature of the inquiry or compliant.


In the first instance, your complaint will be dealt with by our Chief Executive Officer. Please give us as much information as possible and let us know how you would like us to respond to you, providing relevant contact details.

Write to:

Mr. Patrick Gavin CEO

Good 2 Talk

1 College Street


Co. Westmeath

Tel: 00 353 44 933 2531



 Step Two: Time frame for Response

Where an inquiry / compliant is received by email or in writing Good 2 Talk will always acknowledge the donors complaint within 7 days, and do everything it can to resolve it within 21 days. If this is not possible, Good 2 Talk will explain why and provide a new deadline.


 Step Three: Board Review

If a donor is not happy with Good 2 Talks response, the donor may get in touch again by writing to a Director of Good 2 Talk. The Director will ensure that your appeal is considered at Board level.

Ms. Kathleen Poynton

Director of Good 2 Talk

Good 2 Talk

1 College Street


Co. Westmeath

Tel: 00 353 44 933 2531




Step Three: Time frame for Response

Where a compliant or inquiry is in Step 3, a donor will receive a response within two weeks of this issue being considered by the Board members.


Step Four: Monitoring Group Stage

Good 2 Talk is committed to meeting best practice requirements contained within the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising (ICTR, 2015). Contained within the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising (ICTR, 2015) is the provision of a monitoring group external to the Good 2 Talk organisation. Details of the monitoring group background and activities are available on the ICTR website (, 2015). In accordance with the monitoring group direction, complaints should ideally in the first instance be addressed to Good 2 Talk. However, a donor may at any stage make a complaint in writing to the Monitoring Group who oversee charitable status organisations compliance with the Statement of Guiding Principles for Fundraising. Donors who wish to avail of this route may write to:

Monitoring Group

85 Merrion Square South,

Dublin 2



Alternatively, if a Donor would like to seek additional information about the process they may contact the ICTR directly on 00-353-(0)1 6769908 or check the ICTR Website ( for details.

Where a Compliant Relates to Suspected Illegal Activity


All matters of suspected illegality should be addressed immediately to An Garda Siochána.