We think that it’s a good idea that if we do not comply with any of the Guiding Principles for Fundraising then we will provide an explanation. There are two current aspects where we do not comply:

  • Provision of the annual report: It is our full intent to provide the 2015 report on line and be in full compliance with the Guiding Principles for Fundraising. However, we are on a journey and we were not signed up to the ICTR principles and reporting requirements in 2014. This leaves us with a problem in that if we publish the 2014 accounts we they will not (nor were we required to have) specific sections that are required for ICTR compliance. Our 2014 accounts have been fully audited independently and have been submitted to revenue.
  • We cannot provide an annual report with our public statement as the 2014 annual report was compiled prior to Good 2 Talk signing up to the additional requirements laid out in the Guiding Principles for Fundraising. The 2015 Annual report will be published and will have the the required section and public statement included.