If you suffer from anxiety, or live with someone who does, you are aware of the trouble it can cause. The anxious person feels hard pressed. It’s hard to think clearly. Anxiety is the most common mental health complaint, and all of us have felt it at some point in our lives. Some anxiety is healthy and necessary to keep us alive; too much anxiety, however, can interfere with living well.

Anxiety is fear without a clear threat. Fear is a natural reaction to an obvious threat to your physical well-being, anxiety often feels abnormal and without  useful function. Anxiety is self-perpetuating. The more you notice yourself feeling anxious, the more anxious you may become. Anxiety is that feeling of being out of control and a feeling of being unable to regain control.

It is common for depression and anxiety to occur together. The question is often asked ‘which comes first, the anxiety or the depression’. There is no clear answer to this question. For many people the more depressed you feel, the more anxious you get; the more anxious you get, the more depressed you feel; and it becomes a vicious cycle.

Counselling and psychotherapy will provide you with the tools to help you reduce your anxiety and enjoy life more fully.