Good 2 Talk and the Irish Road Victims Association (IRVA) have teamed together to combine organisational talents and services. IRVA is a non governmental organisation that provides free information and support to those bereaved or injured by road traffic collisions, and works to reduce dangers on our roads. IRVA will provide Good 2 Talk with expert understanding and insight into their member’s experience of difficulties and challenges. Access to the expert knowledge will provide counsellors and psychotherapists within Good 2 Talk with additional evidence based information that will aid the therapeutic process. In return, Good 2 Talk seeks to provide people affected by road related incidents with access to effective and accessible counselling services. Good 2 Talk shares the evidenced based approach of IRVA and was the first counselling service in Ireland to adopt the EQIA (Q-Mark) approach in the management of service provision. Both organisations are excited about the potential for people accessing the services of IRVA and Good 2 Talk. For more on IRVA checkout their website